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06 Nov

No.40, Spg. 47, Kg. Beribi, BE 1118

06/11/2019 To 31/01/2020

7:30 am To 10:00 pm

ATTENTION BRUNEIANS, السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته SYRIAN WARM WINTER 2.0 is NOW officially LAUNCHED! Alhamdulillah, Your chance is FINALLY HERE To bring warmth from our home to the hearts of Syrian refugees 🖤💚❤️ You may kindly contact our hotline as above OR DM us for more details! May Allah…Read more…

04 Dec

Jerudong Park Playground, Jerudong, Brunei

04/12/2019 To 29/12/2019

10:00 am To 11:00 pm

Are you ready for a MEGA Fun-tastic time?? Jerudong Park Mega Fun Family Carnival is back and it’s bigger than ever! With over 15 carnival games to play at $2 each with instant prizes to win, fun activities, food vendors, movie night, live magic and band performances and much more!…Read more…

06 Dec

Times Square Shopping Complex

06/12/2019 To 15/12/2019

10:00 am To 9:00 pm

This 16th Mini Carnival (yes, organizing it for the 16th times) is aimed at the December school holiday period for everyone to enjoy and spend their time in the country. The carnival is part of Brunei Tourism’s Brunei December Festival 2019.Read more…

08 Dec

The Core, Universiti Brunei Darussalam

08/12/2019 To 12/01/2020

6:00 am To 12:00 am

Day Of Action is a special day to gather volunteers, NGOs, associations and all groups in making volunteering activities on a specific date.Read more…

New Events

15 Dec

iCentre, Anggerek Desa

15/12/2019 To 15/12/2019

8:00 am To 6:00 pm

Unleash your inner glow by knowing what pampering techniques best suit your skin! Get to know your skin from the inside and give it the treatment it deserves.Read more…


Experience Brunei

Brunei’s culture is deeply rooted in its Malay origins, which are reflected in the nation’s language, architecture, ceremonies, and customs governing daily life. Though various foreign civilisations have played a role in forming Brunei’s rich history, the traditions of the Old Malay World have left an indelible mark on the culture of modern Brunei…Read More


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Other Happenings

20 Dec

Onecity Shopping Centre

20/12/2019 To 01/01/2020

10:00 am To 10:00 pm

Onecity Shopping Complex will be organising its first own Expo 2019, which will be ongoing from 20th December 2019 – 1st January 2020 (13 days). Registration for interested vendors is now open! Placement of booths are based on first come first serve basis.Read more…

26 Dec

Hall 1, BRIDEX, Jerudong, Brunei

26/12/2019 To 29/12/2019

10:00 am To 10:00 pm

THE BIGGEST END OF YEAR EVENT IS BACK!! This event will be held in preparation of coming Back to School and will include exciting activities such as Youth Entrepreneurship Sale, fun games & activities for kids, competitions & many more.Read more…

13 Dec

Rimba Point, Exhibition Hall

13/12/2019 To 15/12/2019

10:00 am To 10:00 pm

Lovelocalfest will be held from the 13th – 15th December 2019 at the Rimba Point, Exhibition Hall in conjunction with the Brunei December Festival. Lovelocalfest aims to bring out the greatest of local and international brands offering a unique and sophisticated shopping experience from fashion to children and home décor.Read more…